Mountain Scapes of Iceland –– handmade book
Monotype prints
11.5"x13" – 40 pages (book closed)

This video shows a few spreads from a handmade book created in March 2020.

Using a variety of Japanese paper I printed using monotype printing method and Akua inks. The next step was to immerse the prints in hot bees wax. The printed paper becomes transparent once waxed and is quite strong. Using cotton thread I stitched some of the pages, emphasizing the lines and forms and used different sizes of needles to poke holes, also to emphsize forms and color. In some of the pages, I have cut slivers of the paper to allow a view to the page underneath.

The book measures 11.5"x13" and has 40 pages bound by Japanese stab binding. The pages are all different sizes in order to enhance the visual travel through the Mountain Scapes.

Music is improvised on guitar by Arch McInnes.