Iceland Mountain Scapes
Monotype – Hand-pulled prints on various papers, dipped in bees wax
13x11x0.1 in.

This book depicts memories of my childhood in Iceland, taking in the mountain ranges, colors and lines that form against the sky.

The color palette is autumn and early winter days at dusk, bringing out the old stories of hidden people, trolls and ghosts. We Icelanders are quite superstitious.

The book is created of various hand-made Japanese papers onto which I have used hand-pulled monotype printing. After printing images onto the paper, they were dipped lightly into melted beeswax giving a transparent quality. Akua inks were used which are water soluble and environmentally friendly. 

Placement of the stitching and hole-poking emphasizes the lines of the mountains. Some of the pages have forms cut out to reveal a small sliver of the next page which, in addition to the different format for each page, are meant to evoke curiosity when turning them. 

Handmade Japanese papers of various thickness and textures. 

Melted bees-wax. 

Cotton and silk thread for stitching.

Sharp tools for hole poking.